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Fatima Ayoub - 20/04/19

How to build a successful brand (even if you're a sole trader...)

Loads of psychologists have researched brand loyalty to find out why we’ll pick one over another, even if it’s more expensive. The main reasons b...

Freelancers Self-employed Marketing social media

Makera Kigaraba - 17/04/19

7 automation tools that can make your business easier to run

Freelancers Self-employed Marketing social media

Fatima Ayoub - 15/04/19

10 tweets that show what life as a freelancer is really about

Productivity Automation Freelancers Small business start-ups

Makera Kigaraba - 08/04/19

The pros and cons of challenger banks vs traditional banks

At its simplest, your business bank account is a place to store, spend, and receive cash. You’re the one who’s got to use it every day though, so...

Freelancers Self-employed start-ups
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